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National Pool & Carom News

Run by Paul Frankel, Professor Q Ball. He’s a wonderful ambassador for this
game (and a great magician, too!)

The Ultimate Pool Player Magazine

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and Press Releases

The A to Z of Billiards & Pool

Dedicated to
the promotion of pool in recreation and competitive environments

Inside English Online

Pool Player
News & Tavern News, covering the OK state area

On The Break News – Pocket Billiard
News for the West Coast

Billiard News –
Inside POOL Magazine (The source
for billiard news. Free downloads, image galleries, forums and contests.)

(Come talk about pool.)

North American Pool playing
Establishments is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about:
Pool Tournaments – Pool Rooms – Pool Leagues – Taverns and more…

Trick Shot Tim – Pool and Billiards
Trick Shot Videos and Tutorials

The Tip Jarrandom smatterings
of Samm Diep’s pool thoughts & articles

Samm Diep’s Personal Blog

Carom Cafe

The Billiards Atlas

Robert Byrne’s Books
and Billiards

Principles of Pool and

Tucker- Rhode Island State Champion

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